About the programme

Nomazz stands for Nordic Masters in Jazz. You will receive tuition from some of the best known musicians of the Nordic jazz scene. However, the course has no pre-conceived stylistic conventions, and the students on the course have wide-ranging tastes in music, meaning you can focus on your own personal expression. Most importantly, Nomazz is intended for musicians who have reached a high level of performance ability. The applicants should have obtained at least a Bachelors in Music.

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Programme structure

Prospective students are invited to apply to one of the three institutions (for guidance, see Application). The school where the student is accepted to becomes the "home institution" and from there the student will receive the degree upon the completion of the course. It also functions as the administrative center for the student throughout the studies.

The Master's Degree comprises 120 ECTS credits, equivalent to two years of full-time study. At the Sibelius Academy, the program length is 2.5 years, total 150 ECTS credits due to the Finnish legislation.

The course lasts 4 semesters (5 semesters for the students of the Sibelius Academy). The students study together respectively in each institution during the semesters. Students enrolled at the Sibelius Academy will return to Finland for their fifth semester.

Circulation program:

Fall 23: Denmark

Spring 24: Sweden

Fall 24: Finland

Spring 25: Home institution

Fall 25: Finland (5 semesters for the students of the Sibelius Academy).

The students receive a Nordplus scholarship for their exchange studies. During the exchange periods, while studying at their "host institutions", NOMAZZ students have the same rights and responsibilities as the degree students of that institution.

Costs and funding

Tuition fees:

There are no tuitions fees for citizens from countries of the EU, EAA or Switzerland. For other students a tuition fee is applicable. The fee differs depending on which institution you apply to. Please see the individual websites of the institutions for more information on fees.


All NOMAZZ students receive a Nordplus scholarship of 1000 EUR per semester during the time they are not studying at their home institution. There is a wide variety of different trusts and funding available.


The home institutions will assist the students in finding appropriate accommodation but the students will have to finance the costs themselves.

A picture of Anatole Buccella

Sanna Ruohoniemi

I would definitely recommend Nomazz-studies for anyone who is interested of Nordic Jazz and the Nordic vibe in general in all its variety. These three schools are all so interesting and different, each of them very high in standards with the quality of studies and teachers. The studying periods are short to settle in, but you will learn to know so many new people and make good friends on the way.

A picture of David meier

David Meier

Nomazz was an eye-opening and life-changing experience for me in many ways. Leaving my home country for a while was a healthy thing to do and of course meeting all those great people in all the places during Nomazz is something that I’ll treasure for the rest of my life.

A picture of Alex Jonsson

Alex Jønsson

Being in the NOMAZZ program gave me a confidence in travelling and working internationally. Also, it gave me a great network of musicians, venues etc in the Nordic countries, which I have benefitted from in my musical career since. Today I’m playing with a.o. my own trio, my soloproject, with the Finnish singer-songwriter Mirja Klippel as well as the Danish groups ‘I Think You’re Awesome’ and ‘Jakob Sørensen Bagland’.

A picture of Alex Jonsson

Anatole Buccella

This master program was definitely the richest experience I had the chance to live since then. Still, moving around three unknown countries within 2 years is hard ! It demanded a lot of energy and needed a lot of dedication, but no matter what, it was worth the trouble. I got to learn a lot, not only about music but also about myself. During these two years I met many people, made a lot of friends and got the chance to extend my network all around Europe.


The basic pre-requisite for admission is the successful completion of a Bachelor's degree in music. Additionally, a good command of the English language is required and will be assessed at the interview during the entrance examinations.

Please see the specific admission guidelines of the institution to which you intend to submit your application. Specific eligibility requirements may vary according to the national legislation of the countries.

Formal eligibility is assessed according to the documents submitted with your application.

For more information please see Application.


Use the links below to read more about the institutions:

For more information, please Contact a specific person from the schools or use the general E-mail form.