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If you are considering applying to the NOMAZZ programme, but are concerned about making the trip to the audition, we suggest that you contact the institution of your choice. They can guide you through the process and give you an idea of whether you would reach the required standard to pass an audition. Your application has to be received by the institution to which you apply no later than the deadline of that institution. Please click on the links below for the relevant application webpages:

Aarhus/Alborg (deadline March 1st.) Sibelius Academy Royal College of Music Stockholm

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In order for your application to be considered, the following documentation must be submitted:

  1. Signed, completed application form (a separate application form for each institution will be available on the website of the institution)
  2. Certificates detailing previous post-secondary music education - certified copies of your Bachelor's level degree, or equivalent, together with the Diploma Supplement (if available) to prove eligibility for studies at the Master's level. If the applicant is finalising his/her bachelor studies at the time of application, copies of the completed degree should be submitted at a later date according to local requirements. In this case, the applicant is asked to provide information about the status of his/her studies, in the form of a transcript of records or equivalent
  3. Short essay - a brief (250 word) description of your musical background, recent musical activities, and musical aims, as well as your reasons for applying to the programme. Please include your ideas on your possible study plan: topic, subjects, specific teachers etc.

Entrance examinations

Entrance examinations are organised annually during spring term. There will be a separate entrance examination in each institution, conducted under the rules of each institution. For further information, please take a look at each institution's guidelines. The examination committee consists of teachers of all three institutions. Additionally, the examination committee will include local representative(s) of each participating institution. The language of the entrance examinations will be English.

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Examination test

The applicants will perform a self-chosen programme, demonstrating their performance skills and artistic direction. The accompanying musicians (piano, bass and drums) will be provided by the institution. The test will also include an interview in English, during which applicants will be asked to discuss their aims regarding the programme. The jury can also ask the applicant to demonstrate abilities in the following:

  • sight reading (prima vista playing)
  • aural skills (picking up tunes, rhythms and/or songs by ear)
  • improvisation/accompaniment in ensemble playing (the accompanying musicians provided by the examination committee).

The most important part of the entrance examinations is the self-chosen programme, displaying the artistic quality and musical skills of the applicant. The audition must show high competence in mastering one's instrument(s) or voice.